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I have Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes for sale at 100 dollars each. Also have Timber rattlers and canebreak rattlesnakes at 100 dollars each. I have newborns at times. Let me know what you want and I will let you know if Ive got it. I also have southern copperheads for sale at 35 dollars each. I have babies and all different sizes. If I have to ship the shipping charges are high. You have to ship with air and have them crated and bagged for venomous snakes. You should know your laws before I ship to you. If you need a permit for venomous snakes and dont have your permit you might not be able to get them from the airport. Also I have tanned rattlesnake skins for sale. Eastern diamondback $1 per inch. Canebreak rattlesnakes 1.50 per inch. tanned copperhead skins are 1.50 per inch I have some other rattlesnake skins at times for $1 per inch. They look great hanging in the den or you can use them to make leather products out of. I also have buckeyes for sale at $1 each or 20 for 12 dollars. . Larger amounts if needed.

Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes Crotalus Adamanteus
If you have never had eastern diamondbacks as pets you should take extreme care. They are a very nervous and ill tempered snake. They grow very large in captivity. You can get them up to around 6ft in length if cared for well. They are a very heavy bodied snake. A full grown one can eat adult cottontail rabbits. They are hard to get to eating when moved. When you get them you need to put them in a large enclosure for about 2 weeks with water and do not bother it. After about 2 weeks put some food in there. Best to use a live rat or quail. Be very quite around it. If it has not eat by the next day take the food out and try again about a week later. After it gets started eating things should go well. Babies do best. Feed them newborn mice till they get big enought to eat adult mice..
Canebreak Rattlesnake and Timber Rattlesnake Crotalus Horridus Atricaudatus
Canebreak and Timber rattlesnakes are pretty much the same snake. The timber rattlesnake ranges futher north and the canebreak is in the south. Really the canebreak is just a sub species of the timber rattler. I think these are the prettiest snake there are. They have an awsome color to them. They are a little easier to care for than the diamondback. You still need to take you time on getting them to start eating when moved. They also grow very large. You can get them up to over 5 ft in captivity if cared for well. A large adult can eat a full grown cottontail rabbit. But best to feed half grown ones are large rats and quail.
Southern copperheads
These are the easy ones to care for. A large adult will get up to over 3 ft in length. They are a very pretty colored snake. They will eat rats and mice. Really they will eat about anything you give them if they can swallow it. They are not near as dangerous as the rattlesnakes but they still give a nasty bite. So be careful when messing with them.
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tanned Prairie Rattlesnake skin

Here are some buckeyes. People like to carry them in their pocket for good luck.